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PT Adi Upaya Rekatama Internasional

Local Indonesian OEM/ODM of Aviation Training Devices (ATD). Products include the KAI KT-1B Simulator, Grob G-120TP-A Simulator, B737-400 Fixed Base Trainer (FBT), PTTA Simulator, Flight Training Monitoring System (FTMS), and developer of future Flight Training Support Systems.

Total system capabilities in developing, engineering and manufacture of simulator parts.

Over 15 years experience in developing and manufacturing of training devices, including complete systems and subsystems, in-house research, development, testing, engineering and manufacturing.

2016 & 2017
Flight Training Monitoring System (FTMS) di Wing 100/Terbang Lanud Adisutjipto & Lanud Adi Sumarmo.
FBT Boeing 737-400 di Faslat Wing 1, Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma.
1 FMS GROB G120TP-A Skadik 104 Wing 100/Terbang Lanud Adisutjipto.
6 unit FTD GROB G120TP-A Skadik 104 Wing 100/Terbang Lanud Adisutjipto.
PTTA Simulator di Faslat Wing 7, Lanud Supadio.
1 unit FTD KT-1B & 3 Unit FTD Grob G120TP-A di Skadik 104 Wing 100/Terbang Lanud Adisutjipto.
1 Unit FTD Grob G120TP-A Skadik 104 Wing 100/Terbang Lanud Adisutjipto

PT. AURI has its own workshop located in Jogjakarta. The proximity of this workshop to Lanud Adisutjipto enables PT. AURI to respond quickly to any request for assistance, and therefore provide the TNI-AU with prompt on site support with minimal down time.

The company is also ready to fly out its maintenance personnel to support its other installed products such as the B737-400 FBT in Lanud Halim Perdanakusuma, the PTTA Simulator at Lanud Supadio, and the FTMS Station at Lanud Adi Soemarmo.

The workshop is manned with qualified engineers and fully equipped with the essential necessary equipments to enable the company to continously improve and provide total end to end solution to its customers.

We have in house capability to design various Input/Ouput integrated circuit boards, mechanical & electro/mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies. This capability, along with more than 15 years experience as a system integrator will enable PT. AURI to execute its primary responsibility as a vendor and OEM/ODM.